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The Softopper Story

A yearlong journey in a garage.

It’s the summer of 2000. Boulder, Colorado.

Moto-Cross enthusiast Larry Dwyer needed a cap for his pickup to store and protect his gear during races. Problem was, the bikes couldn’t fit under standard inflexible fiberglass and aluminum toppers.

That’s the moment Larry and his brother Bob decided to fix the problem.

The two started toiling away in their garage on something new and something needed. Many nights and weekends were spent and sacrificed here by the Dwyer brothers. What was once their part-time hobby soon cultivated into a true labor of love as prototype after prototype after prototype was tested. After constant dead ends, at long last, success. The positive head nods were there to release a new product into the world—the first Softopper.

This first model was purposely made for compact pick-up trucks. As word and interest spread, Softoppers were refined to next accommodate full-size, short bed pickups. Today, fifty models offered in tan, gray and black exist fitting 99% of all pickup trucks on and off the road. Our soft tops expanded into SUVs such as Chevy Blazers, Toyota 4Runners and Ford Broncos. And while we ship Softoppers to every corner of the entire world, all manufacturing and sewing is still done in North America

That’s our story. Now we want to hear yours. Send us your tales, your questions, your comments on all things Softopper so we may continue making your experiences as thrilling and productive as ever.