Softopper Care Guide

Hey there, Softopper enthusiasts! If you’re all about that open-road freedom and the wind in your hair, you probably understand the importance of keeping your beloved Softopper in tip-top shape. Whether you’re cruising through rugged terrains or soaking up the sun on a coastal drive, maintaining your soft top is key to ensuring it lasts through all your wild escapades.

So buckle up, because in this article, we’re diving into some simple yet effective care tips to help you keep your Softopper looking slick and performing like a champ. Let’s make sure your ride stays ready for whatever adventures come your way!

FAQ for cleaning your softopper


For general cleaning of the canopy you can mix 1 part water with 1 part laundry detergent to get and the grime off of your Softopper.

Do I need to put any conditioner or protectant on my top?

There is no need to put any sort of conditioner on the outside of your Softopper.  The vinyl coating on the material is designed to keep out all weather including rain, snow, and sun.  It is also UV treated and will be protected in the harsh sunlight. 


Rinse off all debris so as not to scratch the vinyl. Use a mix of a very light soap (such as Dawn dish soap l) and water spray, clean with a microfiber cloth, rinse with water, and then dry with a microfiber cloth. Applying this process regularly (before the product gets to a point where it needs to be restored) is the best preventative measure to ensure longevity and clarity. Any product containing chemicals will provide immediate cleanliness but will break down the vinyl over time.  Never wipe the windows when they are dry.  

Can I take my Softopper through a car wash?

You can go through a car wash as long as it is touchless. We would recommend that you rinse any residual waxes or cleaning agents off of the windows after going through the car wash. Any cleaning agents containing alcohol, silicone or wax will degrade the Softopper windows over time. 

Replacement parts

If your Softopper ever needs a refresh, be sure to check out the replacement parts section on our website. If you don’t see the part you are looking for there, reach out to our customer service team at 1-800-810-7227 or at [email protected] and they can get you any part you need. 

Will a Softopper handle snow?

Yes, our Softopper’s can handle snow on top of them! We suggest that if more than 12″ of light snow has accumulated to sweep it off. 

Solid panel option

The Solid Panel add-on is a fantastic choice for the chilly winter months, giving you extra warmth and protection from the elements. So, if you’re planning some frosty adventures, the Solid Panel has got your back!

Dedicating time to regular maintenance and thoughtful care not only enhances the longevity and performance of your Softopper but also ensures a continued stylish and reliable experience on the road.