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Lissette Rodriguez

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The Softopper is by far the best thing I have purchased for my ‘22 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition. The versatility can’t be beat. When I want bed protection, it stays up. When I need to haul something, it easily folds out of the way. When I want a place to sleep or just relax, it’s the perfect rest stop. If I just want a little shade while fishing at the beach, safari mode has me covered! It’s also a favorite shelter for my Bulldog Yota to chill out, safe from the sun, with a breeze and a bowl of ice water. The Softopper has also given my Tacoma standout good looks. The fact that it’s available in different colors helps to set each truck apart. It’s an aesthetic upgrade in every sense. The Tan is a beautiful perfect shade that hasn’t faded or changed to date. I get compliments and questions about the Softopper pretty much every time I go somewhere. And I’m not complaining. I appreciate the availability of different panel styles. At first, mine was outfitted with clear windows. They were great. It was nice to have visibility. Eventually I traded up to solid panels—and haven’t looked back since. Literally! 🤣 The solid panels stay! All in all the Softopper has given my truck personality, sharp looks and a more useful & comfortable bed. If anything ever happened to it, I’d replace it ASAP. I can’t picture my truck without my Softopper. It’s the reason why I named it The Covered Wagon. Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts. And thank you for an amazing product that truly gives me joy. -Lissette

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