Best Builds from Our Community

Embarking on the journey of personalizing your truck with a Softopper opens the door to a world of customization possibilities. As truck enthusiasts, we understand the passion behind creating a unique and functional vehicle that stands out in the community. In this blog post, we’re thrilled to showcase the best Softopper builds as handpicked by our dedicated staff. From sleek designs to off-road beasts, these builds exemplify the creativity and craftsmanship within our vibrant community.

Jeep Comanche Masterpiece

Jeep Comanche builds are always some of my favorite to see. This build in particular has a lot of personality and just looks tough. 

I love everything from the huge tires and lift, retro paint job, and of course the Softopper to finish it all off. 

I love the choice of the tan color, it is personally my favorite and really stands out on any truck but compliments this one so well. 

Briley Taylor has done such a great job on this build and I always love to see content about it.

Karli Morrison

Off-Road Artistry

I love this Instagram post because it seamlessly merges two of my greatest passions – rugged off-road vehicles and captivating art.

The modified 4-Runner’s robust build, paired with the intricate building art and the graceful depiction of the animal, encapsulates the perfect harmony between man-made engineering and the raw, untamed beauty of nature.

Andrew Lenzo

Trail-Ready Bliss

I love going out and wheeling so this one really sticks out to me!

I think the angle of the photo mixed with the clean white color of the truck and tan topper really catches my eye.

This photo makes me want to be there and hit the trails!

Eryn Kuchenrither

Supra-Powered 4Runner

Every car fan knows about the legendary Toyota Supra, and every Toyota fan knows about the legendary 1st generation 4Runner.

This guy decided to put them together to make the ultimate off-roading machine.

This 1985 2JZ swapped Toyota 4Runner puts down some serious power and has no problem moving those 40 inch tires. WOW!

Will Schweikert

Comanche Captivation

First of all I love Comanche’s. 

Second of all, this is the coolest Jeep comanche photo I’ve ever seen. 

The use of aperture and colors in this photo are very well done and make for an incredible photo to look at. Amazing. 10/10. 11/10. 

Did I mention I love Comanche’s?!

Kyle Riley

Timeless 4Runner Revival

I love all our Softopper models, but our SUV tops have that extra appeal of turning your vehicle into a convertible! 

I chose this picture because the Softopper is in its natural, adventurous habitat.  This one looks a little too clean though, adventure awaits!

Amy Leslie

Masterpiece on Wheels

You won’t find a better-looking Toyota Pickup out there. This truck is a masterpiece sculpted by Tristan Welch. Built from the ground up, not a single detail was overlooked. After the build was complete, he put his money where his mouth is and drove it from Rhode Island to Long Beach and back. What an adventure! 

I had the pleasure of meeting Tristan when he came by our shop with his truck. I got to see the truck in person as Tristan told me all about it. I can say from personal experience that that picture absolutely does not do it justice.

Daniel Morrison

Timeless 4Runner Revival

I like old school. This 4 Runner is looking better than the day it came out of the showroom.

The first thought that comes to my mind is “Endless Summer”. I hope the owner enjoys his 4 Runner and Softopper for many years to come.

Angel Gutierrez

In celebrating the diverse array of Softopper builds within our community, it’s clear that innovation knows no bounds. Each truck featured in this collection reflects the dedication and ingenuity of their owners, turning ordinary vehicles into extraordinary expressions of individuality. 

As we continue to be inspired by these remarkable builds, it’s evident that the Softopper community is not just about trucks; it’s a shared passion for pushing boundaries and turning dreams into reality. Cheers to the builders, the dreamers, and the road warriors who make our community a testament to the boundless possibilities of customization.