Will’s Summer Adventure

What’s better than a classic truck? How about a classic road trip? Nothing captures the spirit of adventure more than breathtaking vistas out on the open road. That’s why this summer, ST Marketing Team member Will Schweikert and his partner Grace Ingenito set out to explore the unknown in his 1992 Toyota Pickup.


Over the span of the next 38 days, this light-duty truck will make its way across the great expanse of the Western United States. Dubbed the most “indestructible truck in the world” by Top Gear in 2010, and later put to the test by popular YouTube star Whistlin Diesel in 2020, Softopper is now setting out to see for themselves just how dependable this 33-year-old Toyota really is.

The journey will span over 4,000 miles along a route of National Parks, hidden American treasures, and, of course, desolate highways. Driving head-on through various elevation, temperature, and landscape changes, this truck will have to prove what it’s made of. Accompanying the truck on this journey is a Tan Softopper with a dark tint window: lightweight, dependable, and easy to operate – the 1992 Toyota Pickup and the Softopper are a perfect pairing, ready to take on any adventure.


While these wheels roll on, it’s clear that some journeys are more than just trips; they are tests of endurance, spirit, and reliability. And as these two go out and navigate new horizons, they embody the essence of the pioneering spirit, proving that with the right truck and the right gear, anything is possible.


Here’s to the road ahead and the stories yet to be told.


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