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Jeremy Carnes

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I love my Softopper because it so versatile. I added the Tented rear window and I have plans to get the Mesh rear window for the dogs. I use my Softopper in all climates dry or wet. I can keep my stuff safe and mostly dry in the rain, wind and crazy weather. I can also keep my stuff covered and not worry about it flying away or someone seeing inside. I love the ability to easy switch it between trucks or to my tonneau cover depending on my needs. This Softopper is the ultimate add on for anyone’s build. I say that because I have used it in many different ways, vented for the dogs, safari for chilling in the shade or airing out the bed, having back window removed for hauling [long items repeatedly], and off of the truck for full bed use [refrigerator] and tonneau cover swap. I will continue to trust my Softopper for any occasion, the customer service representatives and customer service is top notch. The Warranty is a legit warranty that is truly hassle free. There are pieces and parts that can be replaced if they become damaged or worn out. I will continue to recommend Softopper products to anyone.

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